Ways to Help Your Desk Posture

If your job has you sitting at a desk all day, it’s important to work at protecting your body against strain and discomfort. People working at desks all day could be at risk for shoulder, neck, and back pain. Often sitting at a desk isn’t viewed as anything that could be harmful, but sitting still for long periods and performing repetitive tasks can result in injuries.

The following are tips for avoiding neck, shoulder, arm and back pain:

  • If you frequently talk on the phone, use a headset that allows your neck to remain in a neutral position.
  • Be sure your computer monitor isn’t much more than arm’s length away, and sit up straight when you type.
  • Take a three-minute walk once an hour.
  • Place the mouse pad close to, and at the same level as, the keyboard.

These tips can help you attain less frequent episodes of neck, shoulder, and back pain.  One of the ways to see more permanent results is to see a Chiropractor.  A Doctor of Chiropractic is trained to assess one's posture and develop a treatment strategy to remove pain and help you stay that way.  Remember, to be healthy one must eat right, exercise regularly, and get adjusted!

Christopher Kelley