Backpack Safety

On any given day, there will be over 40 million children carrying backpacks at school. What you will also see are millions of those backpacks overloaded with books and supplies or backpacks that completely do not fit the child.

Doctors have been preaching proper backpack safety for years, but still children refuse to change and parents refuse to make a difference on their child. So I will join the ranks as a Doctor trying to make a difference in the community by educating you on ways to save you and your child from future injuries.

People who wear backpacks that weigh in the realm of 15 pounds is slightly unsafe. But then if you wear that 15 lb. backpack slung over one shoulder you are now seriously in danger. Chiropractors have told patients about imbalances in the spine and how it can seriously affect you.

Do you think wearing a 15 lb. backpack slung over one shoulder could create an imbalance in your spine and rib cage that could seriously affect you?

Do you think that the hand numbness, headaches or backaches that your child is having could be caused by something as simple as wearing a heavy backpack?

During adolescent years, the body is growing and developing every day. Our body will adapt to certain stresses put on it and try to compensate for that stress. If a child is loading one side of their body with a lot of weight, their body will change and start to adapt to this new stress put on it. Thus, creating improper balancing in their spine, rib cage and shoulder, possibly affecting them forever. Scoliosis is one condition that could also be prevented from carrying a backpack correctly.

What Can Help

  • Distribute the weight evenly by putting on both shoulder straps, NOT just one
  • Only carry around 10-15% of your total body weight
  • Use a backpack that has heavy shoulder padding and low back support
  • Bend your knees when lifting the backpack from the ground
  • Only carry what is needed

If you or your child is having neck, shoulder, mid or lower back pain and you feel it could be caused by carrying a bag or backpack improperly, then you should be seen by a chiropractor. Dr. Chris Kelley at Kelley/McIlnay Chiropractic can assess the spine and correct any spinal imbalances so that the chances of scoliosis are minimized and future headaches, neck or back pain can be prevented. Call to make an appointment with Dr. Chris @ (916) 786-5828 or go to the Contact Us tab at the top of the page to do so online.

Christopher Kelley