How We Can Help

boy-being-treated-by-chiropractorOur purpose at Kelley/McIlnay Chiropractic is to help you get well by finding nerve interference that is causing health problems and removing it with gentle chiropractic adjustments. We do this in an environment that is fun and we give you a unique, different experience. Our passion is to educate our patients and encourage them to help us on our mission to check as many people as possible for hidden health problems and to save them from a life of drugs and surgery. At Kelley/McIlnay Chiropractic, our doctors spend time with our patients. We feel the more time we spend with our patients each visit, the more accurately we can find the issues causing the pain and the better we can specifically treat the patient and get them well faster.

Why See A Chiropractor?

ALLEVIATE PAIN – Instead of masking the symptoms of a patient pain, Chiropractors address the underlying cause of pain disorders, headaches, low back pain and sports injuries by treating the cause. Most often, painful conditions are linked to dysfunctional in the spine known as vertebral subluxations. Subluxations are where movement is restricted and spinal bones are misaligned. Chiropractors adjust vertebral subluxations remove nerve interference and increase spinal mobility often alleviating a patient’s pain.

tense-neckREDUCE STRESS – Chiropractic care reduces stress by allowing the body to achieve a balance. Stress is a silent killer to the human body because it is something that most people do not pay attention to until it is too late. Nerve interference causes stress to our nervous system which relates to increase muscle tension and a decrease in immune response. Chiropractic helps keep patients free of the impairments to regular exercise, which is key to reducing stress and preventing stress-related anxiety and depression. And, while chiropractors do not treat depression, preliminary research demonstrates that chiropractic adjustments may ease depressive symptoms by increasing endorphins.

REDUCE DEPENDENCY ON MEDICATIONS – It is estimated that roughly 35% of prescription medications are not necessary. Individuals who maintain regular Chiropractic care are far less likely to over use medication, which all have dangerous side effects. Even OTC pain medication may cause problems in the gastrointestinal system. In addition, long-term use of pain medication can actually worsen the very symptoms they were intended to.

BOOSTS PRODUCTIVITY – Since Chiropractic care keeps you healthier, you will also find that your efficiency at work increases. For instance, chiropractic care rids Low Back Pain associated with sitting hour after hours in ergonomically incorrect chairs. Low Back Pain can lead to work absence and higher medical costs while patients receiving spinal adjustments experienced greater reductions in pain and disability. This translated into lower therapeutic costs and a faster return to work.

BOOSTS IMMUNITY AND PREVENTS OTHER CONDITIONS – Scientific research reveals that regularly scheduled chiropractic care boost the body’s immune response. And a powerful immune system is a key component of Chiropractic’s all-natural approach. A boost in your immune system will help prevent you and your family from becoming sick or catching the flu. When your immune system is weakened or compromised, it is not able to fight of certain pathogens trying to enter our body system. Staying healthy through Chiropractic care could eliminate the need for flu shots. Flu shots have so many side effects, but the only side effect to Chiropractic is a healthier life.

woman-jogging-photo-by-mike-bairdENCOURAGES INCREASED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – New patients frequently find that chiropractic care jump starts them toward a more wellness oriented lifestyle, simply because they can move more and with less pain. For instance, many chiropractic patients report improved function and with that, an increased ability to stick to a regular exercise program. Chiropractic care also decreases fatigue, allowing you to have more energy to go out and do the things you love. Improves Sleep Quality – Chiropractic patients often enjoy improved quality of life, including sleep quality. This is due to a reduction in pain and anxiety which often interferes with sleep patterns. Many conditions such as Low Back Pain can limit the amount of sleep a person gets because many positions will aggravate the pain. Improved sleep enhances immunity and your ability to fight disease.

IMPROVES STRUCTURAL WELLNESS - So whether it be in business or in our personal lives, your posture can speak for itself. If you see someone standing upright, they carry confidence that bears watching and commands respect. Contrast that mental image with someone who is hunched over or slouches and you can see what I mean. Chiropractic patients learn to take charge of their own well-being, and in turn, increase their longevity by adding a heightened quality-of-life.


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