Dr. Christopher Kelley grew up in the Sacramento area where he participated in ice hockey, baseball, wakeboarding and golf. He has a special appreciation for developing an active lifestyle as a young child. Dr. Chris grew up with a chiropractic lifestyle being the son of Dr. Gary Kelley. Dr. Chris knows from firsthand experience just how valuable chiropractic work can be. He is an avid sportsman, enthusiastically participating in ice hockey, golf, wakeboarding, and outdoor recreation. All of these sports are fun and rewarding, but also took a toll on Dr. Chris’ body through a number of sports related injuries. Without the care of a Chiropractor, he would not have been capable of competing at such a high level.

Dr. Chris completed his undergraduate study at California State University Sacramento and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

While at LACC, he attended the Chiromission trip to Haiti and Dominican Republic after the devastating earthquake. Dr. Chris worked closely with 8 other students and 10 practicing doctors seeing over two thousand patients in about four days. During his internship at LACC, Dr. Chris worked closely with a distinguished chiropractor in Orange County who specialized in sports chiropractic. Through his work with the OC Fight Doc’s organization, Dr. Chris helped heal and rehabilitate the most elite mixed martial artist in the UFC and Strikeforce.

Dr. Chris was surprised to discover that being a student was almost as hard on his body as being an outdoor enthusiast, soon he found that studying and listening to lectures for hours a day made his body stiff and sore, causing even more problems than when he was active. As a chiropractor in Roseville, Dr. Chris now helps patients overcome these problems for themselves.

It is Dr. Chris’ goal that every patient that is treated has a clear understanding of what is wrong and how we as a team will be able to obtain optimal function and achieve a higher quality of life. His patients’ range from infants to the golden aged, and weekend warriors to professional athletes, with a variety of problems and concerns. We can also provide information about improving your diet, creating a healthier workplace, and increasing the overall quality of your health. Dr. Chris teaches his patients about obtaining optimal health through chiropractic, exercise, and nutrition.

Dr. Chris enjoys spending time with his wife. He most enjoys playing ice hockey, golf, and wakeboarding with friends and family.



Dr. McIlnay graduated in December of 2007 from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, receiving high honors and the title of Salutorion with the second highest GPA in her class. She Finished her undergraduate program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She currently specializes in treating pregnant women and pediatrics in our Roseville office, where she finds huge success in providing back pain relief for pregnant women.



● Graduate of California State University of Fullerton, Bachelors degree in Biology, Minor in Microbiology - 1978
● Graduate of Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, Doctorate in Chiropractic - 1983
● Diplomate of National Board of Chiropractic Examiners - 1983
● Certificate of x-ray Proficiency, after 100 hours of coursework under Dr. Russell Erhardt, D.C., D.A.C.B.R. - 1984
● Completion of (1) one year of course work in Diversified Techniques under the direction of Dr. A.J. Logan of Los Angeles
● Licensed in the State of California to practice Chiropractic - July 6, 1983 - License number 15262
● Member of California Chiropractic Association - July 15, 1983

I have provided private family Chiropractic care exclusively in the Roseville area since October of 1983. My services include specialization in the treatment and evaluation of personal, auto, sports, and work related injuries.

About Us

Kelley/McIlnay Chiropractic, Inc. is a company engaged in providing general chiropractic treatment services to people of all ages in the Roseville, CA area. We specialize in recovery from automobile and work injuries. We provide extensive chiropractic care to patients who suffer from severe neck pain, whiplash, sports injuries or injuries caused by accidents, sciatica and leg pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, acute low back pains and numbness, among others.

Our approach is similar to the clinical practice guidelines of the U.S. Agency for Health Care Policy and Research. We do not only treat our patient's pain, we also try to keep patients engaged in their normal activities rather than resting immobile in bed, which can actually cause further debilitation. Likewise, we do not rely on surgery, hospitalization and medication that can be dangerous and needlessly costly for patients and their insurance providers.

Our clinic is manned by experts, who are extremely skilled in the field of chiropractic care. We attend to all our clients with extra special care and very friendly service in a well-lighted atmosphere. In order to give our patients a more secure feeling of our chriropractic environment, we lay much value on the hygiene of our clinic and our professional performance

We have a total of 21 Years of practice in Roseville, CA, Treating all types of conditions, including:

  • Injuries Resulting from simple yard and hard work to auto accidents, work injuries and sports
  • Back problems resulting from pregnancy using gentle techniques
  • Ankle, foot, knee, elbow and wrist problems
  • Childrens and young adults' injuries from sports ranging from Soccer to Cheerleading
  • Problems Common to the Elderly